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Edwards Windsor Pty Ltd produce a regular newsletter which we circulate to our clients and customers.

This newsletter provides articles by industry leaders, market commentary, as well as items of interest to home buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants.

A copy of our latest newsletter is available to be viewed on screen, or downloadable in pdf format.

If you would like to receive regular newsletters when they are produced, please indicate on our publication request form.

Latest Editions

Realestate News (481.78 KB)
January 2018

Get the Highest Rent for Your Property (What You Don't Know, But Need to Know")  |  Introducing Scott Alexander  |  Letter from the Editor  |  Rent Guarantee  |  Investor Support Service

Realestate News (653.6 KB)
November 2017

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Property  |  Have You Ever Considered Investing in Real Estate  |  Seven Questions to Ask When Selling  |  Letter from the Editor  |  Tasmanian Commercial Property Growth Phase

Realestate News (667.03 KB)
September 2017

How to Sell Your Property for More - Four key steps to a perfect property sale | Battle of the Disrupters - No Agent vs Cheap Agent | Letter from the Editor | Edwards Windsor Online Booking System

Realestate News (1.34 MB)
July 2017

Employing a Selling Agent  |  Silence is Golden  |  Home Fire Safety Checklist  |  Letter from the Editor  |  Houses Do Sell in Winter  |  Best Value Agent in Hobart