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Edwards Windsor Pty Ltd produce a regular newsletter which we circulate to our clients and customers.

This newsletter provides articles by industry leaders, market commentary, as well as items of interest to home buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants.

A copy of our latest newsletter is available to be viewed on screen, or downloadable in pdf format.

If you would like to receive regular newsletters when they are produced, please indicate on our publication request form.

Latest Editions

August 2018

The Market is What the Market is!  |  Real Estate Sales Career  |  Letter from Editor  |  Thinking of Selling?  |  Department in Profile - Residential Asset Management 

June 2018

Five Tactics Agents Use... | Letter from Editor  |  Real Estate Book that Tells it all  |  Department in Profile - Commercial Sales & Leasing

April 2018

Believe Me When I Say  |  The Difference Between High and Highest  |  Letter from Editor  |  Choose Choose Choose  |  What is the True Value of Your Home?  |  Department in Profile - Residential Sales Team 

January 2018

Get the Highest Rent for Your Property (What You Don't Know, But Need to Know")  |  Introducing Scott Alexander  |  Letter from the Editor  |  Rent Guarantee  |  Investor Support Service