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Ethics in Real Estate Publications

Listed below are consumer-related publications available from Edwards Windsor.

Please contact our office if you would like to receive further information on Ethics in Real Estate, or complete the Request For Publication Form to request a copy of any of the following publications:

Real Estate Uncovered  (Peter O'Malley)

A probing look behind the facade of Australia's property world by real estate agent Peter O'Malley.  In this ground breaking new book, real estate agent Peter O'Malley breaks ranks with industry spin and uncovers exactly what goes on beneath the slick promises, the fancy advertising and the craftily worded press releases that are made to entice sellers and buyers into the arms of real estate agents.  This book is essential reading for anyone who is thinking of going within a hundred metres of a real estate agency.   Click here to order your copy today.

How to Get the Highest Price for Your Property

If you are like most sellers, the thought of selling your property can be daunting.  This booklet will give you some practical ideas to make the tasks of selecting an agent, working with your agent, and showcasing your property in its finest light, as easy and stress-free as possible.
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Real Estate Mistakes (Neil Jenman)

“How long does it take you to earn $10,000? A lot longer than it takes to read this book. The book to read BEFORE you buy or sell a home!”
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Don’t Sign Anything (Neil Jenman)

Read extracts from Neil Jenman’s latest book. “How to protect yourself from the tricks and traps of real estate.”
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Home Sellers' Protection Guarantee

A must for all home sellers. Regardless of which agent you use, ask them to sign the Home Sellers Protection Guarantee. If they won’t, ask them why not? Your home is probably your greatest financial asset. When you sell, you must be very careful. In just a few minutes, a simple mistake can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. You must be very careful, especially with what you sign. Don’t Sign Anything - until you know you are safe.”
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How to Sell & Buy Without Agent

In thousands of cases, sellers and buyers would be better off if they bought and sold without agents.  They would save the huge commissions, they would avoid unnecessary expenses of advertising…." - a guide on how to sell your own home.
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Other Publications

Edwards Windsor produce numerous other publications relating to real estate and property services, including:

Residential Tenancy Guide

A handy booklet of information for residential tenants.
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Residential Management Services Information Pack

If you are thinking of having your residential property managed by us, our Management Information pack may be of interest to you.
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Commercial Asset Management Capability Statement

Details the services offered by our Commercial Asset Management Department.
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Edwards Windsor Pty Ltd Newsletter

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