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Edwards Windsor Pty Ltd produce a regular newsletter which we circulate to our clients and customers.

This newsletter provides articles by industry leaders, market commentary, as well as items of interest to home buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants.

A copy of our latest newsletter is available to be viewed on screen, or downloadable in pdf format.

If you would like to receive regular newsletters when they are produced, please indicate on our publication request form.

Latest Editions

October 2019

Key Market Indicators  |  Is Spring the Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home?  |  A Change is Coming

August 2019

The Key to Buying and Selling in this Market  |  Choose Wisely  |  Know Your Purpose for Investing in Property  |  We are Hiring

June 2019

How to Find Your Perfect Real Estate Agent!  |  Want to Know the Secrets to Selling for the Highest Possible Price?  |  Real Estate Sales Career  |  Rent Guarantee  |  Is Winter a Good Time to Sell?  |  Introducing Tim Hui  |  Celebrating 35 Years

April 2019

Renovate to Sell - Adding Value vs Overcapitalising  |  Five Reaons Why Using a Good Agent is a Smart Decision Versus Selling Yourself  |  Letter from Editor