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We believe that no other Tasmanian Property Manager can match our systems.

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Our Systems

Risk Management / Quality Assurance

Under our previous association with Colliers International, our Commercial Property Management Services held Quality Assurance certification under ISO 9001:2000. Quality Assurance is a system of procedures and actions which provide confidence to our clients and us that our services consistently fulfil the desired requirements.

Policies & Procedures

The company continues to formulate detailed Policy & Procedure manuals, covering all aspects of our operations within each department. We undertake this exercise in order to set the standard, level and quality of service our team will consistently provide.

Financial Management

Manhattan CMS Property - , this system is arguably the best mid-size system available today, and is subject to regular enhancement, thereby offering total flexibility to satisfy the reporting requirements of owners and tenants. At Edwards Windsor, we believe we have state-of-the-art systems with top-of-the-line benefits.

Information Technology

The company continues to invest considerable capital and time into its IT systems, on an ongoing basis.

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