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We are able to offer a full range of property / asset management services.

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Edwards Windsor ’s Commercial Asset Management Department is able to demonstrate a proven ability in managing commercial properties across Tasmania.  We are able to offer a full range of property/asset management services to suit most requirements.

Our services can be grouped into two main categories, being:

Property/Asset Management

  • Project Management
  • Maintenance Program Management
  • Inspections/On-Site Supervision
  • Contract Reviews
  • Reporting

Financial Management

  • Trust Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budgetary & Business Plans
  • Arrears Control
  • Lease Administration
  • Outgoings Management

Should you wish to receive more detailed information on any or all of the above services, please contact us or see below for a brief summary.

Property and Asset Management

Project Management

We are able to undertake project management, where we can supervise and co-ordinate tenancy fitouts, building alterations etc.

Maintenance Program Management

Co-ordination of the undertaking of minor works, where it is deemed to fall within our management function, and provide full reporting and follow up thereon.

Inspections & On-Site Supervision

Our team of property managers carry out regular inspections of their accountable properties, in accordance with our inspection format; and recommend remedial action to ensure assets are maintained to the highest standards.

Contract Reviews

Constant review of contractors performances, to ensure value for money with respect to contract items for major plant and equipment and building services.  Also review of insurances, leases and other documentation etc.


Our commitment is to provide clients with a reporting capacity that is entirely consistent with their requirements.  Regular reports are prepared in accordance with strict procedural guidelines.

Our philosophy is that reports should be clear and concise, and present the client with pertinent details and global summaries with all aspects of the property.


Financial Management

Trust Accounting

Our Trust Accounting function provides reporting and record keeping services to our clients.  Our Trust Accounts are maintained in accordance with legislative requirements, and are subject to annual audit.

Our Trust Accounting system handles all income and remittance of rents, expenditure payments, tenancy administration, lease transactions, GST etc.  Our Trust Accounting system is also subject to regular upgrades and enhancements and can report on either a cash or accrual basis.

Our system also provides enhanced colour financial reports for ease of reading.

Financial Reporting

Monthly finance reports produced by our Trust Accounting system are provided along with a written financial report covering income and expenditure, variance explanations, plus forecasts.

Budgetary & Business Plans

Annualised budget preparation for income and expenditure, with monthly monitoring on either a cash or accrual basis, can be provided.  Budget variance reports are prepared with narrative comment being provided within the text of our normal Management Reports.

Indicative future years budgets can also be prepared in order to review capital expenditure requirements.

Annual reporting, including Business Planning, SWOT Analysis, Market Overviews and investment advice can also be provided.

Arrears Control

Arrears of rental and other charges are reviewed regularly and appropriate action taken to recover outstanding amounts, as quickly as possible.  Recommendations are made and approvals sought regarding recovery action, legal action or lease enforcement, if and when necessary.

Lease Administration

Our NGP - Next Generation PropertyManhattan CMS Property software offers a comprehensive lease administration package as part of its system.  We can offer this facility as part of our services and produce accurate tenancy schedules, which enable us to administer various leases and ensure compliance by tenants with covenants contained therein.

We couple this system with a diary dates system (also part of NGPCMS), which contains action dates relating to individual properties, including such items as rent review dates, lease expiry dates, insurance certificates and contract renewals.  This information can be easily sourced and provided in electronic format.

Outgoings Management

Outgoings expenditure is monitored and recommendations made regarding ways to reduce expenditure, where possible, whilst maintaining the investment standards of the property.  Outgoings reconciliations can be prepared and forwarded on an annual basis.