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Asset Management

 “Let us take the stress out of owning a residential investment property"

At Edwards Windsor, we believe we have the ability, enthusiasm and professionalism to ensure that your investment returns are maximised, while alleviating much of the onerous and sometimes unpleasant tasks associated with managing a rental property.

Edwards Windsor is a member of LPMA (Leading Property Managers of Australia).  LPMA is dedicated to keeping its members at the forefront of Australian property management practice through a comprehensive professional development program and the country's only specialist property management accreditation scheme.

LPMA members are bound by a comprehensive Code of Practice that provides benchmark levels of service and management practice above those required by statutory licensing.

It is not intended to be exhaustive with regard to all of the Asset Management services offered by our Department, however, it does intend to give you sufficient information to emphasise that it is in your best interests to have your property comprehensively managed on a full time basis.

There will be many other points relevant only to your property or situation, which will need clarification and documentation.

If you are considering having your residential property managed, and would like us to provide a rental appraisal of your property, please contact us or complete Rental Appraisal Request below, and we look forward to contacting you shortly.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our services in detail.


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