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Maintenance Request


It is a condition of the lease that the Tenant must notify the Agent promptly of any loss, damage or defect in the premises, regardless of how it may have been caused.

You should be prepared to arrange repairs at your own expense if the damage has been caused from your carelessness, accidental damage, negligence or failure to observe conditions of the lease.

It should also be noted that the owner must only maintain the premises in the same condition it was on the day that the lease was entered into (apart from reasonable wear and tear).

Requests for additional improvements are solely at the discretion of the owner.

Non-emergency maintenance requests should be forwarded Edwards Windsor in writing, or you can lodge a Maintenance Request on line by completing the form below.

Emergency Repairs

If you have a major problem after hours (eg. burst water pipe or hot water cylinder, or major power failure), you should call 6234 5500.

You will be connected through to our pager service. Please ensure you give the operator the following information, which will assist the Asset Manager on duty when they return you call:

  • Your name;
  • Contact number;
  • Property address; and
  • Brief details of the emergency

If the situation is VERY URGENT, and you have not heard from the Asset Manager within a reasonable timeframe, you should call the tradesperson listed on the back of your lease.

Important Notice - Please note that the tenant is responsible for fuses, tap washers and flue cleaning, and these are not regarded as Emergency Repairs.

Locked Out?

If you have the misfortune to lock yourself out of the premises after hours, you will need to call a Locksmith at your own expense.

During business hours, you can obtain a key from Edwards Windsor Real Estate upon presentation of identification.

On Line Tenant Maintenance Request

This form should NOT be used for EMERGENCY REPAIRS.
Please phone 6234 5500 (all hours) for Emergency Repairs and assistance.

Please complete all details below in relation to your maintenance request.

Maintenance Issue
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