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Renting Information

Information for Tenants

Tenancy is a two way responsibility - the Tenant has obligations to the Owner, and the Owner has obligations to the Tenant....and in most cases, this will be a happy association.

As a Tenant, what do I need to know about my tenancy?

A detailed Tenancy Information Guide is available from our office, which details all you will need to know about your existing or potential tenancy.

The Guide covers such topics as:

  • Tenancy Lease
  • Possession
  • Insurance
  • Condition of the Premises
  • Bond Money
  • Locks and Keys
  • Transfer of Tenancy
  • Noise
  • Tenant Responsibilities
  • Repairs & Moving Out etc

To request a copy of the Tenancy Information Guide, refer to our Publications page; or click here to download a copy (PDF 72 KB).