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Why choose us

Our Success Comes from Our Difference

At Edwards Windsor Real Estate we question typical real estate systems, and have come up with the following solutions...

Open for Inspections

  • These are restrictive, inconvenient and dangerous.
  • Don't allow strangers to wander through your home.
  • Stickybeaks will not buy your home. Only BUYERS will buy. Therefore, only buyers should inspect.
  • Don't restrict genuine buyers to one or two hours a week. Allow these people to inspect at any time.


  • Ensure your agent thoroughly qualifies the buyers before they are shown your property.


Marketing Costs

  • Advertising gets lower prices.
  • (Quote from REI NSW: “Ads are not written to sell the advertised property. Only 6% of ads lead to the successful sale of the particular property.”)
  • We have a "No charge unless happily sold" policy.
  • Why pay for an agent's profile if you don't receive a result.
  • Can you think of another industry where this occurs?
  • There are dozens of Real Estate Advertising Awards, but Client Satisfaction Awards are almost unknown.


  • Ensure your agent knows the difference between “Marketing” and “Advertising”
  • Never use an agent who does not offer a written “No Risk” guarantee.


We Don't Close Our Office on Weekends

  • Some agents ask you to spend big money on weekend advertising, then close their office early on Saturdays and Sundays. This doesn't make sense.
  • Most agents are closed on Sundays, the very day when most families are able to spend time together looking at houses.


  • You need an agent who works hard and is available to buyers.
  • Our office is open to suit you, home buyers and sellers, not closed to suit ourselves.


We Don't Go Home at 5.00 pm

  • It would be convenient for many people to go to a real estate office after work to discuss their property needs, yet most offices close at 5.00 pm (or much earlier on weekends).


  • Our Office is open 7 days until 7.00 pm. We also have a 24 hour hotline service so calls from potential buyers are answered by a trained operator at all times.
  • If your real estate agent is genuine about providing the best service, why are they not open to suit most home buyers and sellers?



  • Auctions get a lower price.
  • Auctions encourage unfair tactics such as dummy bidding and vendor "conditioning".
  • Most buyers are scared of Auctions.
  • Most buyers who buy at Auctions openly admit they would have paid more.


  • Use an agent who has proven knowledge and training in negotiation to ensure you get the best price, with a personal sale.



  • The best agents will gladly guarantee their services.
  • Do not be "locked in" to a long agreement with a poor agent.
  • Most sellers prefer a personal sale with a guarantee of service and no expenses paid until a buyer is found and the seller is happy.
  • Make sure the guarantee the agent signs has some real loss for the agent if they muck up.

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